Saturday, August 16, 2014

Man Scents

In the process of testing the deodorant with men, I (and they) have realized that the Sandalwood is very faint. I attempted to make a stronger smelling batch by doubling the oil.  It didn't do much to increase the potency of the smell.  Then I smelled the oil alone and it was pretty faint to start with so, just be forewarned that Sandalwood is...subtle.  But, if you (or someone you know) is a man who would prefer to start the day smelling more manly (and by manly, I don't actually mean like B.O.) we now have another option: Balsam Fir.  You too can smell like a lumberjack!  It is not nearly as subtle, but in a good way so you know you put something on your armpits.  At any upcoming
farmer's markets or parties, I will plan to bring all of my raw materials including the essential oil blends so if you would like to get a whiff of the oil, you can get a feel for our scent options.

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