Saturday, August 30, 2014

What's in a Name?

I have been thinking lately about names.  For example, what to call Lice Repellant Detangling Hairspray?  That's a bit of an unattractive mouthful!  But seriously - well, actually that is quite serious...any suggestions for that conundrum?

When I started, Barefoot Body wasn't my first brainstorm (but it is my favorite).  No Mo B.O., Elle's Smell, and Zschunke Funk seemed...interesting.  Again, I'm glad I went with Barefoot Body.  It makes me happy.  And the logo can take on two meanings.  It can be read Bare Body as in just what you need and I do so enjoy being barefoot and really feeling the earth beneath me.  Feeling grounded (literally) but also free.  And maybe one day there will be a product that relates more closely to feet.  Not yet, but someday.

When it came to naming the deodorant and bug spray, I also knocked around cute and catchy names, but I felt that the "Less is More" concept kept things simple.  If it's deodorant, call it deodorant.  If it's bug spray, call it bug spray.  I even planned to call Sandalwood "MANdalwood".  Get it?!  No?  That's why I just stuck with Sandalwood.  Getting creative can be fun but it can also get confusing.

My first go round with mixing deodorant rendered what is now the "Bee Free" formula.  I created the "Summer Bee Here" version based on feedback that the fridge wasn't feasible for everyone.  Summer WAS about to be here and, in theory, that version would only be needed in the summer.  Well, as August draws to a close, Fall is about to "Bee Here."  And what then?  Does the name add to confusion?  So, here's what I've been thinking.  Moving forward, "Sunmer Bee Here" = Deodorant.  Labels that are already printed or used on containers will still be used until they run out.  Some of you can live an endless summer vicariously through your deodorant.  "Bee Free" will remain to distinguish it from the version with beeswax.  Bee free is a good option for vegans, and those who may experience a reaction from bees.  Or anyone who really wants to refrigerate their deodorant.  Comments and questions are always welcome.

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  1. How about "No knots or nits " gotta love some alliteration...