Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Glitchy Buttons

If you attempted to place an order online using the paypal buttons to the right, please email me at .  At least one person reported that they used the button to place an order and it did not work.  At the time, it looked like a bunch of glitchy code (which is probably why it wasn't working).  Either way, please email me directly if this applies to you.  Thank you!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Fun Experiment

It has been requested that I add other scent options for our BFB # 2 spray.  I wasn't sure it could be done, but after some test kitchen experiments and test bathroom experiments (TMI?) I can confirm that our #2 spray is now available in peppermint, for the holidays!  Lavender and Fragrance Free (I plan to call that one "Silent But Deadly") will be available just as soon as a shipment of more spray bottles arrives, which should be coming this week.  PayPal and Etsy are both updated to reflect these new scent options.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Everyone Poops

It's true,

And now, there is a spray for that!  Ever wish your poo didn't stink?  Or smelled citrus-y fresh?  Now it can!  Currently under the name BFB #2, you can prep your potty and leave the mystery behind.  As with just about everything else I have made so far, this was suggested by a BFB Facebook community member.  As she said, "It's all about less stink!"  I had some ingredients on hand and was able to pick up the rest while grocery shopping on Sunday evening.  I mixed it Sunday night and went to bed.  Eating a mostly vegetarian, high fiber diet, I had the opportunity to personally test this product the next morning (and each morning since!) and it works like a charm.  Based on the Facebook discussion, I had six willing volunteers before lunchtime, mixed more on Tuesday and got it to some of them on Wednesday morning.  So far, feedback is good and I feel confident enough to add this one to our PayPal button and Etsy Page (what's that?  You didn't know we had n Etsy page?  Well, get excited because that hit the inter-webs yesterday too!). Pricing will be the same as other prays so if you get to PayPal before I do, you can order the same size as hairspray and write a note that you would *actually* like BFB #2.  I have two friends who had told me about a product called "Poo-pouri" in the past.  Seemed a little silly to me.  Unnecessary, what's the big deal?  It's just poop. But NOW I'm a believer!  And based on feedback so far, many of you see a NEED for this in your bathroom at home or work.  Better yet, it is hitting the virtual shelves in time for a little holiday shopping and who wouldn't appreciate some BFB #2 in their stocking?  Speaking of "Poo-pouri," have you seen this commercial?  Awesome.  But expensive.  In keeping in line with the pricing of all our sprays, a 4 oz. bottle will be $10 and a 2 oz. bottle will be $5.  Compare that to $9.99 for a 2 oz. bottle of theirs.  That's right.  We are HALF the cost!  I am experimenting to see if I can make a fragrance free version for those sensitive to scent.  I have a theory but I haven't tried it yet.  Perhaps it could be called Silent But Not Deadly.  As with other products, these bottles will also be eligible for a refill discount.  More coming soon on a naming contest for this bad boy and results ARE coming soon from our last naming contest.  As always, if you have any questions about what might work best for you, you can always email: .

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Madness!  Free shipping on orders of $30 or more on all orders placed between 9:00 PM (EST) Saturday and 9:00 PM (EST) Monday.  48 HOURS to take advantage of free shipping!  Stock up for stockings for the whole family!  Email with your preferences or place your order through PayPal.  Since I haven't the slightest idea how to set up PayPal to give you that discount, I will send any discount refunds back to your email address to process those orders placed for Cyber Monday There should be space for a note to seller - you can add CM there as your discount code :).  As always, if you have any questions about the available options, just shoot me a message.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Small Business Saturday

In recognition of Small Business Saturday (and our status as a VERY small business) all orders placed between 8:00 PM Friday - 8:00 PM Saturday are eligible for Buy One, Get One 50% off* (50% discount applied to lower priced item if two items are purchased of differing value).  Email with your preferences or place your order through PayPal.  Since I haven't the slightest idea how to set up PayPal to give you that discount, I will send any discount refunds back to your email address to process those orders placed for Small Business Saturday.  There should be space for a note to seller - you can add SBS there as your discount code :).  As always, if you have any questions about the available options, just shoot me a message.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Low BS in Testing (update - production!)

(Update...I started this post on 10/14/14 and just saw it still in draft form...eessh)

A while back, in an effort to combat the irritation that some were experiencing, I tried out a No BS (Baking Soda) version of our deodorant with beeswax.  I had read that Baking Soda can be a skin irritant, especially for those with sensitive skin.  Makes sense.  I also use baking soda to scour my sink, tub, and toilet.  Maybe too much of a good thing is no good.  Sadly, it didn't work.  I would say the main reason anyone uses deodorant is to keep BO at bay and the BS Free version didn't do that.  Back to the drawing board.

(Here's where I left off on 10/14, so I'll continue with that story ^ and then an update on progress to date)

A friend, Julie, and another original tester were both experiencing irritation and I felt more determined to find a solution that worked for people with sensitive skin.  Likewise, I had heard from two people through this blog who had originally been interested in the No BS but, like I said, while it will keep your skin silky smooth, it won't keep the stink away, so what's the point?  I decided to try a no formula with less BS.  After all, less is more.  And it worked!  Julie tested it for me and had this to say:

"Hello. Day 4 of LBS itch or burning, little to no stink and definitely less stink than my old conventional dove antiperspirant /deodorant. I've used it for stressful and active situations. True test tomorrow is hot yoga. So far so great!"

And this:

"Going to give it two more days for two full weeks, but I'm ready to abandon all other deodorants. I had one day of mild itching, but nothing like last time, and it was one tiny spot. I've been using less swipes- one full back and forth swipe at most.  I am not stinky at all! I have done workouts after work without reapplying. 😊"

BUT on days 13 and 14 she experienced itching for the first hour after application.

So I am planning to try an even lower BS formula to try with her but otherwise Low BS has been a pretty successful experiment.  I relayed to Julie that I never figured I'd be using the Scientific Method so much in my life.  Trial and error.  And then trial again.  In the meantime, I have fixed and updated our paypal buttons to reflect the products we actually offer.  I was getting No BS orders and hasn't even realized that was still on the form and I added our hairspray.  More on the name front soon.

Hoping to make up some labels and have this available at Naturalistic soon too! 

What's In A Name: Part II

These Bottles are begging for labels!!

Working full time sure is tricky.  I forgot how much the back to school/ beginning of the year just swallows you whole and spits you back out shortly before Halloween.  And here we are.  Our hair spray has been through "testing" with six volunteers and some of their children.  So far, the results are good.  For starters, no one has lice.  So that's a plus.  But moreover, there have been no reported adverse reactions.  Not that I thought there would be, but I like to get a nice solid consensus on things like this.  I watched the documentary Hungry for Change the other day.  One of the interviewed experts talked about eating for healthy skin cells or slathering our bodies in chemicals.  While I hadn't thought of it *that* way before, it really is interesting that many people are ready, willing, able, and even excited to slather their bodies in chemical laden products that are linked to increased cancer, alzheimers, and numerous other auto-immune disorders.  Sadly, I don't know (though I'm sure it's out there) of specific foods to repel lice.  Maybe garlic?  Yeah, I'll try and feed my five year old who won't eat..much of anything...some straight garlic.  Let's see how that goes :/  Anywho, Cece LOVES the hairspray.  Mostly, she is just tickled that mommy "lets" her use hairspray.  Since she had never equated hairspray with a certain scent, she accepts the smell of the hairspray.  In addition to essential oils known to repel lice, the base of the spray is mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar.  If you haven't read about benefits of ACV, check some out here and here.  I have been using ACV as a hair rinse instead of conditioner for a few months now and it gives the hair a lovely shine.  Since researching further, I've learned that this is because ACV helps to close hair cuticles which does improve the condition of hair, decreasing breakage and giving lustre.  It also helps keep dandruff away.  The more I read, the more I loved it as an ingredient.  But, it DOES smell strong.  At first.  As soon as it is dry, you won't smell a thing.  That was part of the testing too - the big question, will the smell be a deal breaker?  And the response has been that everyone is getting used to it and that no, it does not smell once dry.  The spray can be applied to wet or dry hair.  The combination also makes for a good detangling spray.  I use it as conditioner, so it *could* be considered a "leave in conditioner" too.  So, here's the tricky part.  I'm ready to roll with this spray.  But it remains nameless!  Help!  Lice Repellant Detangling Leave In Conditioner Hair Spray is a mouthful.  But I want to convey that more simply.  Some suggestions from friends include: "No Knots or Nits" from Leah and "Stop Bugging Me Detangling Hairspray" from Brea.  Any other suggestions?  Comment below.  I will create a poll by the end of the week for voting and the winner will get a free bottle of the still nameless hairspray.  In the meantime, the nameless spray will be available at this Sunday's event at Country Creek Winery.  Get all the details here!  Hope to see you there :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Barefoot Body: Now Available In...a STORE

Naturalistic in Hatboro, PA to be more specific.  You guys.  I can't even begin to explain how unreal this seems to me.  But it is true!  Deodorant and bug spray is out on real shelves in a real store.

I'll begin at the beginning.  I began making deodorant the beginning (I just reread this - that's a lot of "beginning/begans") of June and by the end of June, it had been tested and I was looking to comparison shop and do some "recon".  I searched Etsy and checked out similar products available at a shop in Doylestown.  I was getting ready to mix bug spray and needed some more oils to make it.  I went to Naturalistic in Hatboro and while there scoped out other local suppliers.  At this point, it hadn't occurred to me that BFB might find a home on those shelves.  Joe Grossman, one of the owners of the shop was so helpful in telling me about the different products and I explained what I was working on with deodorant and bug spray.  He told me to let him know when I was ready to go to market and perhaps they could carry the products.  Say what!?!  So, that's been in the back of mind.  Instead of ordering my oils online, I now patronize the store getting all of our oils for bug spray and (the yet to be officially named) lice hairspray locally from Naturalistic.

Fast forward to August.  School is approaching meaning I am somewhat less able to deliver and the idea of a brick and mortar option for customers is pretty appealing.  Add to that the bonus that I *might* help drive traffic to a local downtown Hatboro shop that I believe in and support personally and that's a combination for where I want to be right now.  Instead of calling or emailing, I put together a bag with samples of what we've got and brought it down to the shop.  I spoke to Bonnie Grossman and, like her husband, she was amazing and so helpful.  I waited two weeks before checking back in and a week after that, we are officially on the shelves!  What an incredible leap!

A few notes:
  • You can still purchase from me directly if you would like :)
  • I will still offer discounts for direct purchases.  Naturalstic participates with the HRA Discount Card program and offer $5 off a purchase of $35 with an HRA Card.
  • I will still offer refill of containers for direct purchases but this will not be on the labels of containers in Naturalistic.
  • New labels will include ounces!
A HUGE thank you to Bonnie and Joe Grossman for giving us a shot!  Please check out all that Naturalistic has to offer - it is a great store, right in downtown Hatboro!

Naturalistic Hours 
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10 AM- 6 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Thursday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Friday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 5 PM
Sunday: Closed

If you know of a shop near you that might be interested in carrying some BFB products, shoot me an email at

We are already in Naturalistic's online store too!  Buy a small deodorant.  Unintended, but a beginning of the alphabet brand name gets top billing - bonus!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Best Seller

So far, Lavender is our most popular scent with the ladies.  As a result, I make it most often and sell out of what's "in stock" most often.  I'll be mixing a batch tonight or tomorrow, so if you have been wanting to try out our deodorant, now is the time to place an order.

I also have plenty of "bee free" available in all scents and as the temperature turns colder, it will no longer need to be refrigerated so if you've been wanting to try out our vegan offering, act now!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

What's in a Name?

I have been thinking lately about names.  For example, what to call Lice Repellant Detangling Hairspray?  That's a bit of an unattractive mouthful!  But seriously - well, actually that is quite serious...any suggestions for that conundrum?

When I started, Barefoot Body wasn't my first brainstorm (but it is my favorite).  No Mo B.O., Elle's Smell, and Zschunke Funk seemed...interesting.  Again, I'm glad I went with Barefoot Body.  It makes me happy.  And the logo can take on two meanings.  It can be read Bare Body as in just what you need and I do so enjoy being barefoot and really feeling the earth beneath me.  Feeling grounded (literally) but also free.  And maybe one day there will be a product that relates more closely to feet.  Not yet, but someday.

When it came to naming the deodorant and bug spray, I also knocked around cute and catchy names, but I felt that the "Less is More" concept kept things simple.  If it's deodorant, call it deodorant.  If it's bug spray, call it bug spray.  I even planned to call Sandalwood "MANdalwood".  Get it?!  No?  That's why I just stuck with Sandalwood.  Getting creative can be fun but it can also get confusing.

My first go round with mixing deodorant rendered what is now the "Bee Free" formula.  I created the "Summer Bee Here" version based on feedback that the fridge wasn't feasible for everyone.  Summer WAS about to be here and, in theory, that version would only be needed in the summer.  Well, as August draws to a close, Fall is about to "Bee Here."  And what then?  Does the name add to confusion?  So, here's what I've been thinking.  Moving forward, "Sunmer Bee Here" = Deodorant.  Labels that are already printed or used on containers will still be used until they run out.  Some of you can live an endless summer vicariously through your deodorant.  "Bee Free" will remain to distinguish it from the version with beeswax.  Bee free is a good option for vegans, and those who may experience a reaction from bees.  Or anyone who really wants to refrigerate their deodorant.  Comments and questions are always welcome.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lice Repellant Hair Spray

Speaking of back to school...

You guys.  I looked for a picture to include with this post and they all skeeved me out, so I'm going to do us all a favor and make this a picture-less post.

Over the summer, a friend proposed I look into making lice repellant hair spray.  I looked into it and it seems very do-able.

Now, testing it is a different scenario.

Testing deodorant = adults, worst case scenario, you smell bad (actually worst case scenario, you have a skin reaction)

Testing bug spray = adults...and some kids, worst case scenario, you get bit by bugs, like mosquitoes, not lice.

Testing Lice Repellant Hair Spray = kids...or adults, worst case scenario, you get lice.  But seriously, I'm not asking anyone to expose themselves to lice intentionally.  I'm also not sure about actual kids being the first in line as testers.  So...any teacher friends interested in testing it out?  Mostly looking to see if there is any issue with scalp irritation?

The friend who suggested this has taken her daughter to our local Lice Lifters and uses the Nit Nanny hairspray daily.  This would be (hopefully) a similarly preventative measure.  Here is Nit Nanny's ingredient list:
Ingredients: Water, Dimethicone, Trisiloxane, Ceteth-10, Laureth-4, Quaternium 91, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium, Chloride, Myristyl Myristate, Phenoxyethyanol, Potassium Sorbate, Matricaria Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil.

I don't know about you but I still spy a bunch of tricky vocab in that list.

I have read of tea tree oil being used solely to prevent lice but after some "research" (thanks, Pinterest!) I have come up with a blend of 7 oils to mix into what could also be used as a detangling spray.

And, similarly to the bug spray, I would suggest this have a shelf life of one "school season" or "camp season" as your needs determine.

So...any takers?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to Business

As a new school year approaches (quickly), I will be headed back to my library of a classroom.  Have no fear, Barefoot Body will continue to look for opportunities to get out in the community as well as fill and deliver orders as they come.  Does the Back to School season make you sweat?

I first dabbled with natural deodorant while I was home on maternity leave after my daughter was born.  At the time, I wasn't all that concerned if I smelled...and was lucky if I showered.  When I returned to work after that year, I planned to continue using natural deodorant.  I was starting a new job teaching in the library and I was NERVOUS.  And I sweat.  And since it was the store bought variety which I may have mentioned did NOT work for me, that meant I also stank.  Do you remember any smelly teachers from growing up?  Or sweaty ones?  I did.  And I refused to be THAT teacher.  At that time, in 2010, I resolved that I would simply have to use aluminum laden anti-perspirant during the school day and could revert to more natural alternatives when I was home.  Over time, I was able to phase aluminum out altogether.  But I found myself reapplying deodorant through the day to compensate.  I can say that I am fully confident to start this year sweat and smell free with an all natural alternative.  If I survived the last few days of meetings, the kids on Tuesday will be no sweat.  Get it?!

A few teacher friends have been asking me about this endeavor.  And I've found myself talking more and more about the science involved.  So, to review:

1) Sweat does not smell.  What does smell is bacteria on the skin of the armpits which is activated by sweat.  Address the bacteria (which coconut oil does) and the associated smell never comes to pass.

2) We are supposed to sweat.  BUT arrowroot powder helps to absorb some of the moisture associated with sweat.  Aluminum blocks the pores from making sweat.  You don't want to intentionally block your body's systems.

Any questions?

And just like that, I'm back in school mode.  I'll try not to lecture.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Man Scents

In the process of testing the deodorant with men, I (and they) have realized that the Sandalwood is very faint. I attempted to make a stronger smelling batch by doubling the oil.  It didn't do much to increase the potency of the smell.  Then I smelled the oil alone and it was pretty faint to start with so, just be forewarned that Sandalwood is...subtle.  But, if you (or someone you know) is a man who would prefer to start the day smelling more manly (and by manly, I don't actually mean like B.O.) we now have another option: Balsam Fir.  You too can smell like a lumberjack!  It is not nearly as subtle, but in a good way so you know you put something on your armpits.  At any upcoming
farmer's markets or parties, I will plan to bring all of my raw materials including the essential oil blends so if you would like to get a whiff of the oil, you can get a feel for our scent options.

Friday, August 8, 2014

JR's Tester Feedback

This was too good not to share in its entirety!  When I inquired on Facebook, JR posted the following:

 "Yo E, I use a great deodorant I got from Whole Foods.  I can't remember the brand, but that's not important here.  I don't stink; even after toiling in the garden and kickboxing.  My problem is I still perspire a lot which leads to chafing/ irritation and then bad burning from the salt from my sweat which dries on my skin.  I know the aluminum that makes "anti-perspirant" ain't no good so what's a boy to do?"

I was curious about his current product's ingredient list and if it had a drying agent such as cornstarch or arrowroot powder.  It did not.  Here are the ingredients:

"Every Man Jack: Cedarwood Ingredients: Water/Aqua/Eau, Propanediol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Sodium Stearate, Witch Hazel Distillate, Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Extract, Calendula Extract*, Myrrh Gum Extract, Alpine Lichen Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Chamomile Extract*, Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage) Oil, Rosemarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Oil, Juniperus Virginiana Wood Extract, Fragrance/Parfum. *Certified Organic"

That seems like a lot to me.  Some questions that I thought of and so I looked for the answers...
What is Propanediol?
What is Sodium Stearate?
What is the Fragrance/Parfum coming from?

Only Every Man Jack knows...

I took this on as a challenge.  I was hoping that JR might find Barefoot Body's ingredients to be up to his standards and maybe help with excess perspiration.  After a testing period, here is what he wrote:

"1.  Not once during the duration of testing did I have body odor that I noticed (and I usually notice it - case in point, I've stunk each day since I ran out of yours and went back to my other deodorant.)
2.  On several occasions, with only normal, post-shower application, the deodorant survived 2 hours of intense kickboxing.  On two occasions it held through 2 hours of kickboxing, followed by an hour of jiujitsu, and then 45 minutes of power-lifting.
3.  My standard application was 5 "laps" (up+down = 1 lap) under each arm.  In the next round of tests I'd like to determine a "minimum" number of laps to maintain efficacy.
4.  At one point, for two days, my underarms became very irritated and red and stung pretty bad.  I have no proof either way if this was caused by the deodorant but I felt it was worth mentioning.

5.  Qualitatively, I would personally like the scent to be a little bit stronger.  I actually, couldn't smell the deodorant at all, which really isn't a big deal, but I do like "smelling like a man" sometimes!
I sweat a lot and generally push the limits of deodorants, so I was thoroughly impressed."

So, a few follow up notes.
1. Awesome
2. Amazing
3. Lovin' the data
4. Eek.  That doesn't sound great at all, BUT did go away...on the lady front, I've had many a day post shave when conventional deodorant stung under my arms but this wouldn't be the case (generally speaking) for our men so I want to look into this further.
5.  I completely agree!  I found the Sandalwood to be ridiculously close to Fragrance Free to the point where I questioned if I perhaps forgot to include it.  So I made a batch where I doubled the ratio of Essential Oil blend and noticed no difference in scent.  Then I smelled the oil itself and realized it was quite faint, so if you're interested in a more manly scent, may I recommend our newest scent option: Balsam Fir (more on that in the next post).

Overall, I am super pleased with this feedback and looking further into options that decrease irritation, for example our bee free option (not always practical for everyone but possibly less irritating) and still trying out the No BS version.  A big thank you to JR and all our testers for their feedback!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recycling: Packing Peanuts

I wrote earlier about a commitment to sustainable practices when it comes to the materials we use and reuse as well as shipping and reusing materials.  I've since learned I can likely ship out to others without much packaging material, but in a recent shipment to Maine, I did utilize both a box sent to me and some peanuts.

But I have received a LOT of packing peanuts!  In reading the book, Zero Waste Home, I learned something I had never known before UPS Stores will take your packing peanuts.  And, in theory, reuse them for packaging material or sell them in their store for others to use for packaging material.  I've also since learned that if I have enough, there is a market for selling packing peanuts online as well.  And I'm sure they would be a welcome item to post on Freecycle or Facebook for someone else to get good use out of them.  All good things to know!  When I arrived at the UPS Store to donate my packing peanuts, the manager looked at me like I had two heads so I assume this isn't something he is asked about on a regular basis but let's change that up!  Don't throw away styrofoam!  It will never go away.  At least if it is reused, then less "needs" (IMO it is never actually needed but that is a matter of personal opinion) to be manufactured new.  Read more here about "greening" your supply chain.  And check out the comments, they confirm my fear that perhaps the store managers are not aware of the policy to accept packaging material for reuse.  Be ready with the article on a handheld device in the event that you are questioned!  In a less amusing story, I was traveling with three large boxes of peanuts and the windows were open in our car.  At one point, one of the boxes opened and it felt like the scene from Twister with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton when the weather sensors successfully release.  Only, not quite so dramatic, as I was in a car on Street Road with no tornado approaching at all, just two small children delighted in the whirlwind of packing peanuts swirling above their heads.  Don't worry, I got every last one back in the box!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Detour to D-Town


I posted about a detour last week and that I would write more once I had news on our new destination, well...I do!  I was hoping to be a vendor at my local farmer's market, but as it turns out, there is already a vendor of similar products there.  While I was bummed this didn't work out, I had also built up an inventory to bring there and I wanted to still bring it somewhere!  A friend had offered her store front during a different local farmer's market in Doylestown.  So,  I'm very excited to announce that we will have a table of deodorant in all currently available varieties and bug spray in front of Olive Oil, Etc. this Saturday, August 9th from 10:00 - 12:00 (hopefully this can be a regular thing!).  If you would like to place an order to pick up there, you can email in advance and then I can be sure to have exactly what you would like on hand and saved for you!

Many thanks to Christina for making the space available to me!  Make sure to like their
Facebook page and show some love!  I will be out front once the shop is open - be sure to check out the olive oil selection, it is amazing!  Read more here about how she and her husband got started in the olive oil business!  One important note, Olive Oil Etc. is located at 22 South Main Street in Doylestown INSIDE Main Street Marketplace, so rain or shine, we will have a roof over our heads (bonus!).

 The rest of the Doylestown Farmer's Market is right out back and begins at 7:00 AM.  Looks like we will be in good company - lots of exciting vendors to check out!

I will be equipped to accept cash or credit cards at the table.  Please feel free to spread the word and share this post, especially with all of your Doylestonoan friends!  Thank you all for your support as we take the next leap on this journey!

Also, please do consider coming out to the Hatboro Farmers Market this Friday evening, August 8th as my husband's band will be providing musical entertainment all evening long!  You can like their band's page on Facebook too!  Since I will be there, if you need a pickup location close by, please let me know if this is more convenient :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Call BS

So, I have been using BS as a metaphor when I made a "No BS" formula but there is no bull in any of the deodorant formulas but there IS baking soda and it shall remain.  I had read about some people experiencing sensitivity to baking soda and so I decided to try a recipe that left it out.  In fact, that's all it did.  The only difference.  No baking soda.  At the time, I thought "easy peasy."  And it was.  And I was looking forward to making more such batches.  But, as with the other variations thus far, I wanted other people to try it out.  So, I turned to my trusty testers and got batches out to some of those who were interested.  To try something different, I had mixed this version and poured it into glass containers thinking this consistency might be good for finger application.  In theory.  Spoiler alert.  Bad theory.  I happened to deliver some on a 90+ day and since the base is coconut oil, it was completely liquid.  So, I suggested refrigeration (much like the bee free version).  Because you can't very well dip your fingers into a liquid and have that apply easily.  I figured refrigeration would firm it up.  And it did.

Personally, I am still on my very first batch of bee free that kicked this journey off.  And it works really well for me.  And I don't tend to mess with what works.  But I was interested to try this version out for myself.

Anywho, back to "firm" deodorant.  So, it got firm.  To the point that you couldn't have possibly applied it with fingers...or in any other way out of a glass jar.  So, I put it on the counter.  Liquid.  There seemed to be no in between.  I didn't think about it for a few days.  Then, on a day with milder/ borderline cool temps, I had decided to try to salvage what I had made by warming it and pouring it into a plastic twist up.  After all, if the bee free needs to be refrigerated, this could too and could still dispense from a twist up, right?!  Well, since I'm answering myself here, the answer is yes.  But.  Here's what happened next.  I opened the one I had been personally testing and it was a good consistency.  Not hard, not liquid.  So, I tried it.  And it smelled lovely and applied smooth and I was SO excited.  Well, as excited as someone who is FINALLY getting to try a new deodorant formula.  So obviously, very excited (this might sound sarcastic, but to me - well, you know).  And then a few hours later (like, maybe 2) I smelled something I haven't smelled in about two months.  My own stank.  Which reminded me.  I am a stinky girl.  So, I reapplied.  Because why?  I don't know.  Maybe it would work better?  It did not.  I called off the testing.  In the meantime, I have been using it as a body lotion.  Lovely that way but it will not effectively kill the smell.

One of my testers asked me why it (the original two formulas...sadly not this most recent iteration) worked?  The coconut oil?  The baking soda?  I answered yes.  But at the time, I wasn't really sure.  I knew what I had read.  When I say "Less is More," I mean it.  More on that in another post.  But I had recently read that some people just smear some coconut oil on their armpits.  And, well...if that works, how can I justify selling a deodorant that adds more if that's not necessary.  But now I can confidently say that it IS necessary.  Each ingredient plays a part.  And without a little BS, this recipe doesn't work.  At least not for me.  I will continue to look for ways to improve upon this recipe and help people who have perhaps had skin sensitivities to find the right fit, but for now, I think we have stumbled on something pretty awesome.  And simple.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Halfway Point

Today is my birthday!  It's also a date that I approximate as halfway through summer.  I have been working on getting our bug spray just right.  I've also been researching price for a natural bug spray such as this and the average cost for a 4 oz. bottle seems to be in the $10 range.  BUT, as a paraben free product, I am suggesting that users only keep the bug spray itself (the liquid, not the bottle which CAN and should be re-used) for one "buggy" season.  Since summer is half over, I'm thinking bug spray should be half off too.  Since next spring/summer, I should be ready with inventory at the start of the 2015 buggy season, I don't anticipate this being the norm, but this year, it only seems fair.  So, the price is 50% off from the start!  Our first bug blowout sale!  Get yours now...these prices are CRAZY!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm So Fancy

Last week, I was investigating PayPal.  I have had a personal Pay Pal account for a long time but I rarely use it.  This past spring, I helped to organize a fundraiser that benefitted two organizations but as the organizer, my personal PayPal account was linked to receive the proceeds directly.  And in order to get the money transferred, I had to do a few things.  First, I had to link a bank account.  But before doing so, I had to change the name on my PayPal account to my married name.  Should be easy, right?  Allegedly, PP could not read my faxed documentation so I uploaded the documents electronically instead.  That is all sorted out now but since I was already on the site, I registered a business account to Barefoot Body.  And created a fancy button with HTML code and added it to the right of what you are reading right now.  Unless you are in mobile view in which case you probably can't see it.  AND, I ordered and promptly received THIS.
So fancy!
This...well, that ^ is a PayPal Here.  It plugs into my phone and I have an app so that if someone wishes to pay by credit card at a farmer's market or craft fair, they CAN.  Can you even imagine?  Perhaps I've been living under a rock, but this kind of blows my mind.  A friend on Facebook who has CDs to sell posted about a Square and being able to accept credit card payment.  I downloaded that app but there wasn't room on my phone.  Perhaps I'll get one of those too.  Because these things are FREE.  Free, of course because they deduct fees, so I guess it all depends on how you look at the cost benefit analysis.  But free!  Anyone in the know about either or both of these, feel free to comment below.

A few things.  The button is a work in progress.  It has what is needed (I *think*) for an online deodorant purchase.  It does include $6.00 shipping, but as I have indicated, if I'm able to get cheaper shipping, I will refund the difference.  So, if you pay via PayPal, I *think* I can transfer money back to your PayPal account if needed.  But this is still a work in progress.  

Overall, the PayPal Here is a game changer!!  I rarely carry cash.  For others in the same boat, that is no longer a barrier.  Likewise, for friends who would prefer to use PayPal than a check or cash, that is now a viable option.  So Fancy.

When looking for a fancy swipey picture of PayPal Here in action, I found this (which shows both the PayPal Here and Square) and so I read the accompanying article to educate myself on the topic.

In more fancy news, apparently (from reading the Australian article) it is tomorrow in Australia...which will be today to those of you reading THIS post tomorrow.  When it posts.  Since I wrote it "yesterday", which is today.  Maybe that's not fancy.  Just confusing.  To clarify, I am writing this on July 15th.  The article linked above is dated July 16th.  But that might not seem fancy to you as this blog post will publish on the 16th.  In addition to being fancy, this technology is literally cutting edge.  I am ahead of my time.  Not living under a rock after all!

On a side note, I JUST now received an email from my personal PayPal account to my maiden name, so perhaps that is NOT all sorted out yet.  Grumble, grumble.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (or the Big Stuff Either)

I've fallen a bit off the radar, but that's ok, right?  Yesterday, we celebrated my daughter's fifth birthday and this past weekend had a party for her and her brother.  For whatever reason, I was starting to feel like there was a lot on my plate.  I had made enough deodorant so that if anyone happened to order some, it was ready to go, but I made a conscious decision to take a break until at least after the party (which has now passed) and possibly until the end of diving season which wraps up at the end of next week.  I had stumbled upon a website with information about starting a business.  While never my goal, it seems to be happening.  Listed first on the site was: Make a business plan.  That may be a wise course to take.  I feel I've already done things a bit unorthodox.  A little out of order, but that's ok.  I'm taking some time now to make a plan.  My next step is to apply to be a vendor at our local farmer's market in Hatboro through the month of August.  And that's about as far out as I have planned.  While it would be fun to see Barefoot Body in a store or being shipped all around the country, I'd really like to take it one step at a time, enjoy the process, and not stress.  In the "deodorant business", the concept of not sweating the small stuff takes on a whole new meaning!

Friday, July 4, 2014

No BS Formula

I was just reading about some folks who have super sensitive skin and react to baking soda in products so I am thinking of adding a BS (Baking Soda not...the other BS) Free Version of Barefoot Body Deodorant.  This version would need to be applied with fingers and would be in our glass containers instead of plastic.  Actually, I will try it in plastic too but I don't know if it will firm up well.  I'm going to toss the opportunity out to my current underarm testers, but is there anyone out there with sensitive skin that would like to test this out and give me feedback on its effectiveness?  Excited to add some more deo-diversity!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Where My Party People?

Whether it was cosmetics, jewelry, candles, spices, bags, or Tupperware, we have all been to (or invited to and respectfully declined) one of these "parties."


I, for one, always enjoy a nice gathering with friends.  And I always do my best to support friends hosting these parties, but I know they are not for everyone.  Sometimes they are very laid back.  Snacks, chat with friends, here's a catalog, let me know if you'd like anything.  Sometimes, there's the "hard sell."  This involves an icebreaker (which may or may not be a game of chance where the "winner" gets the privilege of hosting the next party), a "short" lecture on the product line (complete with a folder with a catalog and order form), the explanation of what magnificent gifts the hostess gets (usually demonstrated by piling them high in her lap or draping her with jewelry) dependent upon the purchases of her friends, an opportunity to peruse the product line and then time to meet with the consultant one on one to place an order by check or credit card.  

Like I said, I always enjoy any excuse to get together with friends, but I don't always enjoy the feeling of obligation to purchase something I don't necessarily need.  So when a friend of a friend asked that friend, "Any chance you are going to host a Barefoot Body sale gathering?" I thought, nah.  Then I thought...maybe.  Then I thought, why not?  My current model of home delivery isn't really a sustainable one and at the same time, I'd prefer not to have to ship to local people.  I am hoping to set up shop at a Farmer's Market, but in the event that people can't make those particular times/places, I think home parties could work well.  Feedback is welcome in the comments below as this is an ongoing process.  This has been a very grassroots, organic "marketing" (if you can really call it that) campaign.  So, the only people that know about this deodorant are friends of mine or friends of friends.  And while I am trying to keep it manageable/small, I'm also not trying to keep it a secret.  So, if someone is looking for a natural deodorant option that works and they don't particularly want to navigate making their own, I'm happy to supply it.

Now, we've all been to these type of direct sales parties and the thing is, I don't have a gimmick.  And I don't want to have a gimmick.  I only have one product (so far)and chances are the potential host/hostess has already tried it, thus prompting them to invite friends to try it too.  So, I don't have boxes or bags to load on their lap or bling to drape over their necks.  But I DID have a thought of a nice way to gather friends around a cause.  So, the plan is for the host/hostess to choose a charity to designate and 10% of all sales from the party would go to that charity.  

So, if  you would like to host a Barefoot Body Party, email me at 

We will work together to:
  • Choose a date/time that works for us both
You will:
  • Choose a charity to receive 10% of party sales
  • Set up a Facebook or other electronic invitation
  • Invite (at least) five friends
  • Friends who cannot be there in person can still place "party" orders to benefit your charity
  • Arrange for a few light snacks (invite friends to bring a favorite recipe to share)
I will:
  • Have at least one of each variety of deodorant prepared for the party
  • Have additional pre-orders and requests ready for delivery at the party
  • Discuss any questions/concerns/comments that friends have about deodorant
  • Take orders from the party, fill them, and deliver them back to the host/hostess to distribute to friends
  • Donate 10% of sales to the charity of the host/hostess' choosing
  • Eat your snacky food (just kidding...but really, I will)
  • Not bother you or any of your friends if they are not interested in getting deodorant (I PROMISE)
With that...let's party!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle (and Rot)

In an effort to ensure this operation is environmentally friendly, I wanted to share a few of the things we are doing to minimize impact.  First of all, we are utilizing plastic containers.  There is no sugar coating that.  Even if you were to use pure cane sugar, agave nectar, or Sucanat.  But, let me explain.  When I first found a recipe for making my own deodorant, there were some options to pour it into a glass container (the better choice as far as material is concerned) or to pour it into a used deodorant container (a good re-use of a product that will never break down in a landfill and at best will be recycled eventually into a plastic bag).  For whatever reason, I had a hang up about applying deodorant in the "normal" way.  I couldn't imagine swiping it on my armpit with my fingertips.  At this point, I don't actually think that would bother me, but I have heard from a lot of people who feel the same way.  Also, to clarify, we do have glass containers as an option for those who would prefer to minimize plastics in their life.  Anyway, I waited until I had two empty deodorant containers myself to even attempt the recipe.  The thought never occurred to me prior to this experiment that one could buy empty deodorant containers.  This has been such an education!  So, my first batch was into containers I was re-using and I liked that.  I thought others might like it too.  So, one of our promotions is to re-use a BFB container for 10% off or if you have recently finished a container of deodorant, I can pour new deodorant right into your container.  You can use the same container forever.  I might suggest a person pursuing this route purchase two to start so you always have one at the ready.  In a game like Rock, Paper, Scissors, Reuse beats Recycle every time.

In an effort to be mindful of the products we use and the fuel utilized when shipping an item, as well as packaging material, I have ordered in large bulk for the ingredients needed for the recipe.  By doing so, one larger box was used instead of several smaller ones.  I am planning to hold on to smaller boxes for future shipping potential as well as packing material.  I am planning to use one of the larger boxes, unfolded as a Barefoot Body sign for Farmer's Markets and I used one sheet of cardboard from the side of a box to make a price list.  Any extra cardboard that can't be re-used will rot.  I have recently been reading a book called "Zero Waste Home" and the author follows 5 R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.  We have recently begun a compost pile in our backyard.  We have plenty of greens but not as much brown material.  I have taken to shredding junk mail that is not glossy, and cutting cardboard to add to the compost.  So, into the pile it goes.  If it can't be used in a crafty way.

And that 40 pound tub of coconut oil is going to make a fabulous bucket around our house one day.  Hopefully it lasts a good, long while, but I am looking forward to having a ginormous bucket.

Monday, June 30, 2014

What's Bugging You?

Shortly after I posted about making deodorant on Facebook a friend messaged me to see if I had any suggestions for Deet free bug spray.  I did!  Sometimes I surprise myself with these things.  First, I suggested what I had been using for quite some time. Before going to Tanzania (at least 7? years ago), a notoriously buggy (and by buggy, I mean malaria carrying mosquito) place, I purchased a 4 oz. bottle of Kiss My Face Brand "Swy Flotter."  It has literally lasted since then.  I think I just don't often apply bug spray.  But I have found it to be effective and it is Deet free.  Upon closer inspection of the bottle recently, I noticed it does have one particularly nasty ingredient...parabens.  What are parabens?  Well, actually I don't know.  But I DO know they are carcinogenic and I try to avoid known cancer causing agents at all costs.  But, for the sake of argument, let's find out what parabens ARE.  This pretty well sums it up, yes?  So, parabens are preservatives that prevent the growth of microbes in cosmetics.

You guys.  This is where I stopped writing for a bit and did a LOT more reading.  Prior to this, I really didn't know what parabens were, just that they were BAD and I should avoid products with parabens in the ingredient list.  But you know what else is bad?  Microbes.  It's one thing for me to decide to use products with natural ingredients, but if I'm telling other people about the good reasons to do so, I want to make sure I'm giving you all the facts.  I got very nervous here as I don't want to create a bug spray that gets you sick.  That would be bad.  So, then I learned more about anti-microbials and I'm feeling confident again.  Even a little angered that if the following ingredients I was already planning to use ARE anti-microbial (just like parabens, only not linked directly to cancer) then WHY aren't they being more widely used?

So, besides parabens, what else is anti-microbial?

  • Witch Hazel
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
  • Vanilla Extract
Right, just about every ingredient in this recipe for bug spray.  So, we're good.  I'm also planning to use boiled water as an added precaution.  The real question then is, if all of these natural oils ARE anti-microbial, why are parabens still being used?  All that said, I do NOT suggest holding on to this bug spray for 7 years.  In fact, my doing so even with a paraben laden product is probably questionable.  I am planning to label these for the 2014 summer season with the suggestion to discard (or send your bottle in for a refill for the following buggy/summer season) at the end of summer.

Hey look at that!!  Apparently, Kiss My Face HAS made some progress in the last 7 years as this photo from the interwebs indicates that Swy Flotter is now paraben free!  #winning

Friday, June 27, 2014

Coconut Oil: The Base-ics

You may feel like you've been hearing a lot about coconut oil lately.  I know I have.  My Facebook feed fills with magical sounding claims.  Almost as many uses as breastmilk.  Of course, Facebook and the people you connect with via social media coupled with your search history populate what you ultimately see there.  For example, my brother-in-law was telling me about a neat video.  It was the one with the job interview that seems both ridiculous and impossible and ends up being the job description for a mom.  At the time he mentioned it, I had seen it posted daily, possibly multiple times a day for at least a month.  I explained to him that I see ALLthemomthings.  Because I am a mom.  He is far less likely to see such items because he is not.  Likewise, I am a dirty hippie.  But I say that in a loving, proud way.  I am crunchtastic.  So, depending upon where you fall on that spectrum, you may or may not be aware of ALL the ways coconut oil can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  For reals.  So, let me tell you.  Here are 101 Uses for Coconut Oil from Wellness Mama.  And here are 101 more!  (Some are probably the same, but I saw some that are unique!).  And because 101 clearly is NOT enough to convince you, here are 160 along with many of the reasons you should give it a spin.  Quite frankly,  I'm starting to surprise myself because someone took the time to compile 1,001 ways to use coconut oil.  There are even books dedicated to 101 uses for coconut oil and the coconut oil miracle.


Just last night, Cece and I went with my aunt to Rita's Water Ice.  They do not serve coconut oil at Rita's.  That's not where I was going with this.  While I did not notice biting bugs or mosquitoes, Cece was saying that the backs of her legs tickled and she needed to scratch them.  I asked her to come over so I could take a look and she had what looked like huge welts all over the backs of her legs.  I worried that it was poison ivy.  It was not.  I asked her not to scratch which took all the will power she had.  When we got home, Jeff checked her and confirmed they looked like bug bites.  I was kicking myself for not having already concocted some bug spray.  What better day to make bug spray than the day AFTER you need it?  But I immediately thought of coconut oil.  It was hard to ignore that thought what with the 40 pound vat that had arrived just that afternoon.  I smoothed some all over the backs of her legs.  When she woke up this morning, the welts had gone down.  The bites looked more like normal sized bug bites and she reported no more itching.

The reason I am sharing all this is because coconut oil makes up the base of both of our deodorant recipes.  And some people wonder why.  Well, if you read the link above with 160 uses, you will note that the first thing mentioned about coconut oil is that it is anti-bacterial.  So, you sweat and you sniff, and think my sweat stinks.  Right?  Wrong!  Your sweat doesn't stink, but the bacteria under your arm does, and it breaks down when mixed with the sweat produced by the glands in your armpits.  But, what do you think takes care of that bacteria?  You guessed it!!  Coconut oil.

And now, I leave you with...oil pulling.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rooty Tooty, Fresh and Arrowroot-y

This title may give away the fact that I'm a little loopy right now.  Because it's late at night (I wrote this last night) and I should be sleeping but instead, I want to share with you about the awesomeness of arrowroot powder and not wait a moment longer.  So, the original recipe that I tried called for a combination of cornstarch and arrowroot powder and because prior to this project, I had never heard of arrowroot or its powder before, I did not have any on hand.  But I powered through and googled a suitable substitute for AP.  Cornstarch.  Perfect.  I had that.  So I used that.

Doesn't this look picturesque and so...American?  Amber waves of grain and all that... I guess that would actually refer to wheat though, right?  Sadly, it's most likely GMO and being produced primarily for high fructose corn syrup, or to fatten up livestock or chickens, and the process of extracting corn starch is highly toxic.  But I didn't know that yet...well, actually I did know some of that, but it hadn't really occurred to me.  At that point, I was making this for myself.  And my first thought was...cornstarch is cheap.  So that's good.

Then, when I tossed this idea out to Facebook to see if other people were interested in natural deodorant, I wanted to make sure that I would be making a good, high-quality product.  And I went back to the original recipe and wondered...why arrowroot powder?  And I came across this: Read it.  Then come back.  We will discuss.

So, still pros and cons to consider.  If this plant is native to South America, it probably did a good bit of traveling to get here.  That's bad for the environment.  But...also bad for the environment is our mono-crop plantings on vast swaths of land that is robbing the soil of life.  The whole idea of GMO frightens me and the pesticide runoff alone is maybe worse than the miles the arrowroot powder traveled.  And then there is the end result of most corn grown on American soil.  It's not for human consumption and it's often used as feed on factory farms.  So, there's that.  So... Arrowroot powder for the win!  Ever since, I've been using arrowroot powder in my own recipe that has been tweaked far enough from the original that I can consider it my own.

I leave you with some arrowroot cleaning by hand.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Buy Local

I am a big believer in supporting local small business, so I'm sort of geeking out that THIS could be a local small business.  And that there may be opportunities to help strengthen other local small businesses as a result.  Today, a friend who just yesterday got her own BFB deodorant to start using shared that it held up beautifully to chasing her son around the playground.  What a true testament!!  And that one share has had a ripple effect.  One friend of hers asked if BFB was available in stores or if she was hosting a home party?  Home party?  Stores?  Oh my.

While doing my research, I did visit two local small businesses that might be likely to carry a deodorant product such as this to see what was out there, what was in it, and how much it cost.  I can tell you this, the recipe was similar but not as...simple.  And what I have learned so far is that less really is more.  Especially when it comes to what you put on or in your body.  Also, both of the other products contained cornstarch instead of arrowroot powder (more on that distinction and why I think it's important in a future post).  While I was "researching" (you know...spying) in the second store, I was open with the shop owner about what I was doing and he was incredibly helpful and interested in hearing from me when it was ready to "go to market." just never know.  But, one thing at a time.  I am trying to keep this manageable and thus, relatively small.

Home parties are a definite possibility.  Anyone want to have one?  I could have a few of each available, or take orders, or bring supplies and make them there.

The next ripple from that same post was my very first order from someone I do not personally know. And who is not local.  Which is totally ok, awesome even, just totally unexpected!!  And then I had to figure out shipping!  On that note, I *think* though I plan to investigate further at the post office that flat rate shipping is approximately $6 and (according to my husband) will ship anywhere in the US if it fits in the envelope.  Seems like the way to go.  I am very reluctant to ship the bee free formula.  At least in the summer months.  I can only imagine someone opening up that envelope to find a puddle.  The beeswax formula *should* hold up to shipping.  We will find out soon enough!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Packing on the Pounds

After filling some orders,

And running out of coconut oil,

I realized it was time to make some "bulkier" purchases.  The first time I ordered, I got a few tester/travel size containers, a much larger number of the "normal" size deodorant containers, 1 lb. of Arrowroot powder, 1 lb. of coconut oil, brown kraft labels (which were approximately 4x larger than I had thought...and I measured) and some new essential oil blends based on preferences indicated by testers.  Yesterday and today, I ordered more testers, bug spray containers to try that out, glass containers for those who might prefer deodorant in a more Eco-friendly container (more on that in a later post) 25 pounds of Arrowroot Powder,  40 pounds of coconut oil, and 50 pounds of baking soda, and more appropriately sized labels.  The Arrowroot powder arrived today.

If this is what 25 pounds looks like, I am frightened to learn what 50 pounds of baking soda looks like and the vat of coconut oil that is on its way...eek!  Should make a lot of deodorant!!

High Stakes Testing

As a teacher, high stakes testing is nothing new to me.  But the last few weeks around here have involved a different kind of testing.  When I first had this idea, I went to Facebook to see if (a) anyone was interested and (b) if I could coerce a few people to test it out for me and give me feedback.  As it turned out (a) yes, there was/is a lot of interest and (b) I had to sadly turn interested people away!  Who knew?!?  So, after establishing the first five testers, I made up batches in 2 different scents (as mutually decided by the testers) and both formula consistencies so that each person would have an opportunity to compare.  So far the feedback has been helpful in continuing to develop the beeswax formula and encouraging that users are finding that it works!  So far, so good.

One of the tester's hubs is a scientist and was/is interested in the formula.  And then he was interested in trying it himself.  Which sparked round two of testing.  Man funk.  And as it turns out, I know some funky men (this is meant in the most endearing way!).  I'm excited for the challenge of addressing both BO and also to see if there is an effect on sweat and irritation.  I didn't see all of this as a science experiment when I started out but that is certainly what it has become!

More on all my funky men (and women) and their experiences coming soon!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Best Kind of Chemistry Happens in the Kitchen

I recently saw this posted on a friend's Facebook feed.
Photo credit: Hank Campbell +Hank Campbell 
All true.  I make this homemade weed killer.  I will not call it non-chemical or chemical-free as neither of those claims would be true (obviously).  Actually, upon closer inspection, my "recipe" calls for normal salt, not Epsom salt but that is neither here nor there.  In fact, weed killer is not at all the point of this post.  So let me get to the point.  Well, before I do that, I'll talk about weeds just a moment longer.  This recipe, while not chemical free, is still a heck of a lot better for the health of children and pets and a whole lot cheaper to make in your kitchen.  That is all.  About that.  I have more to say.

My point.  I will not claim that BFB deodorant is chemical free, because baking soda is a chemical.  But, it is a chemical you can safely ingest.  In fact, besides the essential oils which some people say you can ingest and others say you can/should not (I always err on the side of caution when it comes to ingesting things, so to be clear, I am advising you not to ingest essential oils), you could eat all of the ingredients in this deodorant.  EDIBLE deodorant!  Especially if you get it fragrance free.  Once again, I am not suggesting you actually eat deodorant.  That would be weird.  Really...strange.  But IF you were on a deserted island and you happened to have this deodorant with you, you could totally last a few extra days by eating it.  Just sayin'.

I WILL claim that is is both homemade and handmade.  Because it is, by me.  In my kitchen.  How quaint.  Perhaps I am even barefoot in the kitchen.  Also, perhaps not.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Origin of an Idea

I saved a recipe for a homemade coconut oil based deodorant on Pinterest a while ago.  Making it was on my to-do list ever since and two weeks ago, an actual nap (baby boy's not mine, sadly) made it possible for me to check the pantry to see if I had all the ingredients I needed.  Not exactly.  But I've never let that stop me before!  So.  What did I have?  Baking soda? Check!  Coconut Oil?  Check!  Arrowroot Powder?  WTH is arrowroot powder?  I actually WILL address WTH arrowroot powder is and why we DO now use it.  But on that day, no dice.  If ever you encounter such an issue with a baking recipe, I suggest you follow this advice.  WWGD: What Would Google Do?  I searched substitute for arrowroot powder and voila!  Cornstarch!  Who knew?  So these two substances are approximately interchangeable.  So, on that day I used cornstarch.  Next, essential oils.  Hmmm.  Well, I had essential oils but I don't know many people who want to smell like Lemon Eucalyptus.  To explain, I use that on the soles of my feet when I have a cough.  Works wonders!  But, even when needed, my husband hates that particular stink so the likelihood he would tolerate it on my underarms was slim to none.  What else might work?  Ah ha!  I had an Aura Cacia body oil.  When I checked the ingredients, it included a blend of essential oils and (bonus!) Vitamin E.  Jackpot.  I found the recipe easy to follow and prepare and I poured it into two empty deodorant containers I had been saving for just such an occasion.  Popped them in the refrigerator and done!  It was like magic.  And I thought to myself, "I wonder if anyone else might like some...?" Five randomly selected Facebook testers later, some adjustments to the recipe to make it our own and here we are, seeing if any of you lovely people might like some too.  Visit our products page to see what is available and send an email to: for more information or to place an order.

Pinterest DIY Coconut Deodorant Recipe

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The "Natural" Deodorant Aisle

So, you've made the decision to jump in to the natural deodorant aisle at Whole Foods.  Been there.  Done that.  Let me share just a few of the brands I've tried that haven't worked.  I've been a little stinky for about 6 years.  A long time, right?  You might have thought I would have tried to make my own sooner.  But, it took 6 years for a reason.  I don't like to waste either.  So, each of these was used from start to finish even if they didn't work.  Stinky and expensive!  Let me save you the trouble.  I present to you, "The Sniff of Shame."

This one was tricky.  It looked too good to be true.  And, as it turned out it was.  For all the good it did, I may as well have been spritzing with water.

While I can say with a degree (get it?  Degree?!) of certainty that this deodorant didn't work, they had me at tea tree oil.  And I WILL say that I do love Alba Botanica's sunscreen offerings.  My family and I have been using their sunscreen for a number of years and it is consistently featured on the Environmental Working Group's Best Sunscreen List.  This year is no different:

Verdict: Sunscreen = Yes, Deodorant = No
In theory, I love Tom's.  I love that it is widely available and accessible.  Because, I no longer have the time (or money) to shop at Whole Foods on a regular basis, so while this brand IS available there, it is also available everywhere else.  Which I like.  What I don't like, that it doesn't work.  Bummer.

Verdict: Toothpaste = Yes, Deodorant = No

Overall, while I suggest you steer clear of Whole Foods for deodorant and either make your own or give Barefoot Body a try, I CAN get on board with what they are saying here:

Choose a better deodorant.