Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Low BS in Testing (update - production!)

(Update...I started this post on 10/14/14 and just saw it still in draft form...eessh)

A while back, in an effort to combat the irritation that some were experiencing, I tried out a No BS (Baking Soda) version of our deodorant with beeswax.  I had read that Baking Soda can be a skin irritant, especially for those with sensitive skin.  Makes sense.  I also use baking soda to scour my sink, tub, and toilet.  Maybe too much of a good thing is no good.  Sadly, it didn't work.  I would say the main reason anyone uses deodorant is to keep BO at bay and the BS Free version didn't do that.  Back to the drawing board.

(Here's where I left off on 10/14, so I'll continue with that story ^ and then an update on progress to date)

A friend, Julie, and another original tester were both experiencing irritation and I felt more determined to find a solution that worked for people with sensitive skin.  Likewise, I had heard from two people through this blog who had originally been interested in the No BS but, like I said, while it will keep your skin silky smooth, it won't keep the stink away, so what's the point?  I decided to try a no formula with less BS.  After all, less is more.  And it worked!  Julie tested it for me and had this to say:

"Hello. Day 4 of LBS formula...no itch or burning, little to no stink and definitely less stink than my old conventional dove antiperspirant /deodorant. I've used it for stressful and active situations. True test tomorrow is hot yoga. So far so great!"

And this:

"Going to give it two more days for two full weeks, but I'm ready to abandon all other deodorants. I had one day of mild itching, but nothing like last time, and it was one tiny spot. I've been using less swipes- one full back and forth swipe at most.  I am not stinky at all! I have done workouts after work without reapplying. 😊"

BUT on days 13 and 14 she experienced itching for the first hour after application.

So I am planning to try an even lower BS formula to try with her but otherwise Low BS has been a pretty successful experiment.  I relayed to Julie that I never figured I'd be using the Scientific Method so much in my life.  Trial and error.  And then trial again.  In the meantime, I have fixed and updated our paypal buttons to reflect the products we actually offer.  I was getting No BS orders and hasn't even realized that was still on the form and I added our hairspray.  More on the name front soon.

Hoping to make up some labels and have this available at Naturalistic soon too!


What's In A Name: Part II

These Bottles are begging for labels!!

Working full time sure is tricky.  I forgot how much the back to school/ beginning of the year just swallows you whole and spits you back out shortly before Halloween.  And here we are.  Our hair spray has been through "testing" with six volunteers and some of their children.  So far, the results are good.  For starters, no one has lice.  So that's a plus.  But moreover, there have been no reported adverse reactions.  Not that I thought there would be, but I like to get a nice solid consensus on things like this.  I watched the documentary Hungry for Change the other day.  One of the interviewed experts talked about eating for healthy skin cells or slathering our bodies in chemicals.  While I hadn't thought of it *that* way before, it really is interesting that many people are ready, willing, able, and even excited to slather their bodies in chemical laden products that are linked to increased cancer, alzheimers, and numerous other auto-immune disorders.  Sadly, I don't know (though I'm sure it's out there) of specific foods to repel lice.  Maybe garlic?  Yeah, I'll try and feed my five year old who won't eat..much of anything...some straight garlic.  Let's see how that goes :/  Anywho, Cece LOVES the hairspray.  Mostly, she is just tickled that mommy "lets" her use hairspray.  Since she had never equated hairspray with a certain scent, she accepts the smell of the hairspray.  In addition to essential oils known to repel lice, the base of the spray is mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar.  If you haven't read about benefits of ACV, check some out here and here.  I have been using ACV as a hair rinse instead of conditioner for a few months now and it gives the hair a lovely shine.  Since researching further, I've learned that this is because ACV helps to close hair cuticles which does improve the condition of hair, decreasing breakage and giving lustre.  It also helps keep dandruff away.  The more I read, the more I loved it as an ingredient.  But, it DOES smell strong.  At first.  As soon as it is dry, you won't smell a thing.  That was part of the testing too - the big question, will the smell be a deal breaker?  And the response has been that everyone is getting used to it and that no, it does not smell once dry.  The spray can be applied to wet or dry hair.  The combination also makes for a good detangling spray.  I use it as conditioner, so it *could* be considered a "leave in conditioner" too.  So, here's the tricky part.  I'm ready to roll with this spray.  But it remains nameless!  Help!  Lice Repellant Detangling Leave In Conditioner Hair Spray is a mouthful.  But I want to convey that more simply.  Some suggestions from friends include: "No Knots or Nits" from Leah and "Stop Bugging Me Detangling Hairspray" from Brea.  Any other suggestions?  Comment below.  I will create a poll by the end of the week for voting and the winner will get a free bottle of the still nameless hairspray.  In the meantime, the nameless spray will be available at this Sunday's event at Country Creek Winery.  Get all the details here!  Hope to see you there :)