Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Low BS in Testing (update - production!)

(Update...I started this post on 10/14/14 and just saw it still in draft form...eessh)

A while back, in an effort to combat the irritation that some were experiencing, I tried out a No BS (Baking Soda) version of our deodorant with beeswax.  I had read that Baking Soda can be a skin irritant, especially for those with sensitive skin.  Makes sense.  I also use baking soda to scour my sink, tub, and toilet.  Maybe too much of a good thing is no good.  Sadly, it didn't work.  I would say the main reason anyone uses deodorant is to keep BO at bay and the BS Free version didn't do that.  Back to the drawing board.

(Here's where I left off on 10/14, so I'll continue with that story ^ and then an update on progress to date)

A friend, Julie, and another original tester were both experiencing irritation and I felt more determined to find a solution that worked for people with sensitive skin.  Likewise, I had heard from two people through this blog who had originally been interested in the No BS but, like I said, while it will keep your skin silky smooth, it won't keep the stink away, so what's the point?  I decided to try a no formula with less BS.  After all, less is more.  And it worked!  Julie tested it for me and had this to say:

"Hello. Day 4 of LBS formula...no itch or burning, little to no stink and definitely less stink than my old conventional dove antiperspirant /deodorant. I've used it for stressful and active situations. True test tomorrow is hot yoga. So far so great!"

And this:

"Going to give it two more days for two full weeks, but I'm ready to abandon all other deodorants. I had one day of mild itching, but nothing like last time, and it was one tiny spot. I've been using less swipes- one full back and forth swipe at most.  I am not stinky at all! I have done workouts after work without reapplying. 😊"

BUT on days 13 and 14 she experienced itching for the first hour after application.

So I am planning to try an even lower BS formula to try with her but otherwise Low BS has been a pretty successful experiment.  I relayed to Julie that I never figured I'd be using the Scientific Method so much in my life.  Trial and error.  And then trial again.  In the meantime, I have fixed and updated our paypal buttons to reflect the products we actually offer.  I was getting No BS orders and hasn't even realized that was still on the form and I added our hairspray.  More on the name front soon.

Hoping to make up some labels and have this available at Naturalistic soon too!


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