"After having my two kids, it seemed like nothing would help me with my crazy sweating. I decided to give Barefoot Body's deodorant a shot. I am in love with it! After chasing my kids around the playground on a super hot day, I still smelled great and  I knew this was an awesome product!! I love the way it works and smells plus it only has natural, good stuff in it. I plan to spread the word about the deodorant!" ~ Nicole

"My mom, Barbara, used her Barefoot Body bee free deodorant today and she thought it was amazing!  She was super impressed with how dry she was!  Ellen, you are awesome!" ~Nicole

"This deodorant works! Even on stinky guys! It's the most effective all-natural deodorant I've used. It also completely washes out of clothes; no staining. And an added benefit, it's created by a really nice, awesome person :)" -Hillary

"After having my first child I wanted to start transitioning to a more natural lifestyle. I wasn't comfortable having all these chemicals so close to my baby's face. I tried an all natural deodorant for a while but needed to keep re-applying multiple times a day because my natural odor was more powerful than the deodorant. I was introduced to the Barefoot Body deodorant by none other than Ellen herself, and I've had fantastic success since my purchase! I keep it in my fridge, apply just a little bit in the morning, and I'm good to go all day, even if I'm running around sweating! I feel much better knowing that I'm using all natural deodorant, and I'm not smelling offensive to other people around me. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future!" -Kelly

"1.  Not once during the duration of testing did I have body odor that I noticed (and I usually notice it - case in point, I've stunk each day since I ran out of yours and went back to my other deodorant.)
2.  On several occasions, with only normal, post-shower application, the deodorant survived 2 hours of intense kickboxing.  On two occasions it held through 2 hours of kickboxing, followed by an hour of jiujitsu, and then 45 minutes of power-lifting.
3.  My standard application was 5 "laps" (up+down = 1 lap) under each arm.  In the next round of tests I'd like to determine a "minimum" number of laps to maintain efficacy.
4.  At one point, for two days, my underarms became very irritated and red and stung pretty bad.  I have no proof either way if this was caused by the deodorant but I felt it was worth mentioning.
5.  Qualitatively, I would personally like the scent to be a little bit stronger.  I actually, couldn't smell the deodorant at all, which really isn't a big deal, but I do like "smelling like a man" sometimes!
I sweat a lot and generally push the limits of deodorants, so I was thoroughly impressed." - Jeff

"I've been using your deodorant for 2 weeks now and there is absolutely no stink coming from me.  Even after spending hours sweating at the farm I smell like Balsam Fir and not BO!  I'm so glad I decided to try it. - Bernie
Woodford Heirloom Farm
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Bug Spray

I decided to give Barefoot Body's Bug Spray a chance when I saw it was all natural. All the other bug sprays have so many chemicals and I am not a fan of using them on myself and especially not on my kids. Being outside with the kids causes my son to get tons of bug bites. The bugs love him! I started using Barefoot Body Bug Spray and the results have been excellent! We spray it on and don't worry about the bugs. Awesome product!  -Nicole 

More from Nicole: 
"I have to tell you that I brought the bug spray down the shore. The flies were biting yesterday and as soon as I sprayed they went away!"

Lip Balm
"I sense no trace of powder in the balm.  It is smooth and pleasant on the lips.  It feels refreshing and my lips are much less chapped than they were on Tuesday when you gave it to me. :)"
^ This was the Lysine Lip Balm which has lysine powder added and I was worried it might be gritty.  And, for reference, this feedback was received on a Friday.

Herbal Hand Sanitizer
"Nice scent and I feel like it leaves my hands smooth after using." - Jennifer

"I like it!" - Nicole

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