Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to Business

As a new school year approaches (quickly), I will be headed back to my library of a classroom.  Have no fear, Barefoot Body will continue to look for opportunities to get out in the community as well as fill and deliver orders as they come.  Does the Back to School season make you sweat?

I first dabbled with natural deodorant while I was home on maternity leave after my daughter was born.  At the time, I wasn't all that concerned if I smelled...and was lucky if I showered.  When I returned to work after that year, I planned to continue using natural deodorant.  I was starting a new job teaching in the library and I was NERVOUS.  And I sweat.  And since it was the store bought variety which I may have mentioned did NOT work for me, that meant I also stank.  Do you remember any smelly teachers from growing up?  Or sweaty ones?  I did.  And I refused to be THAT teacher.  At that time, in 2010, I resolved that I would simply have to use aluminum laden anti-perspirant during the school day and could revert to more natural alternatives when I was home.  Over time, I was able to phase aluminum out altogether.  But I found myself reapplying deodorant through the day to compensate.  I can say that I am fully confident to start this year sweat and smell free with an all natural alternative.  If I survived the last few days of meetings, the kids on Tuesday will be no sweat.  Get it?!

A few teacher friends have been asking me about this endeavor.  And I've found myself talking more and more about the science involved.  So, to review:

1) Sweat does not smell.  What does smell is bacteria on the skin of the armpits which is activated by sweat.  Address the bacteria (which coconut oil does) and the associated smell never comes to pass.

2) We are supposed to sweat.  BUT arrowroot powder helps to absorb some of the moisture associated with sweat.  Aluminum blocks the pores from making sweat.  You don't want to intentionally block your body's systems.

Any questions?

And just like that, I'm back in school mode.  I'll try not to lecture.

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