Thursday, July 3, 2014

Where My Party People?

Whether it was cosmetics, jewelry, candles, spices, bags, or Tupperware, we have all been to (or invited to and respectfully declined) one of these "parties."


I, for one, always enjoy a nice gathering with friends.  And I always do my best to support friends hosting these parties, but I know they are not for everyone.  Sometimes they are very laid back.  Snacks, chat with friends, here's a catalog, let me know if you'd like anything.  Sometimes, there's the "hard sell."  This involves an icebreaker (which may or may not be a game of chance where the "winner" gets the privilege of hosting the next party), a "short" lecture on the product line (complete with a folder with a catalog and order form), the explanation of what magnificent gifts the hostess gets (usually demonstrated by piling them high in her lap or draping her with jewelry) dependent upon the purchases of her friends, an opportunity to peruse the product line and then time to meet with the consultant one on one to place an order by check or credit card.  

Like I said, I always enjoy any excuse to get together with friends, but I don't always enjoy the feeling of obligation to purchase something I don't necessarily need.  So when a friend of a friend asked that friend, "Any chance you are going to host a Barefoot Body sale gathering?" I thought, nah.  Then I thought...maybe.  Then I thought, why not?  My current model of home delivery isn't really a sustainable one and at the same time, I'd prefer not to have to ship to local people.  I am hoping to set up shop at a Farmer's Market, but in the event that people can't make those particular times/places, I think home parties could work well.  Feedback is welcome in the comments below as this is an ongoing process.  This has been a very grassroots, organic "marketing" (if you can really call it that) campaign.  So, the only people that know about this deodorant are friends of mine or friends of friends.  And while I am trying to keep it manageable/small, I'm also not trying to keep it a secret.  So, if someone is looking for a natural deodorant option that works and they don't particularly want to navigate making their own, I'm happy to supply it.

Now, we've all been to these type of direct sales parties and the thing is, I don't have a gimmick.  And I don't want to have a gimmick.  I only have one product (so far)and chances are the potential host/hostess has already tried it, thus prompting them to invite friends to try it too.  So, I don't have boxes or bags to load on their lap or bling to drape over their necks.  But I DID have a thought of a nice way to gather friends around a cause.  So, the plan is for the host/hostess to choose a charity to designate and 10% of all sales from the party would go to that charity.  

So, if  you would like to host a Barefoot Body Party, email me at 

We will work together to:
  • Choose a date/time that works for us both
You will:
  • Choose a charity to receive 10% of party sales
  • Set up a Facebook or other electronic invitation
  • Invite (at least) five friends
  • Friends who cannot be there in person can still place "party" orders to benefit your charity
  • Arrange for a few light snacks (invite friends to bring a favorite recipe to share)
I will:
  • Have at least one of each variety of deodorant prepared for the party
  • Have additional pre-orders and requests ready for delivery at the party
  • Discuss any questions/concerns/comments that friends have about deodorant
  • Take orders from the party, fill them, and deliver them back to the host/hostess to distribute to friends
  • Donate 10% of sales to the charity of the host/hostess' choosing
  • Eat your snacky food (just kidding...but really, I will)
  • Not bother you or any of your friends if they are not interested in getting deodorant (I PROMISE)
With that...let's party!

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