Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Halfway Point

Today is my birthday!  It's also a date that I approximate as halfway through summer.  I have been working on getting our bug spray just right.  I've also been researching price for a natural bug spray such as this and the average cost for a 4 oz. bottle seems to be in the $10 range.  BUT, as a paraben free product, I am suggesting that users only keep the bug spray itself (the liquid, not the bottle which CAN and should be re-used) for one "buggy" season.  Since summer is half over, I'm thinking bug spray should be half off too.  Since next spring/summer, I should be ready with inventory at the start of the 2015 buggy season, I don't anticipate this being the norm, but this year, it only seems fair.  So, the price is 50% off from the start!  Our first bug blowout sale!  Get yours now...these prices are CRAZY!

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