Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (or the Big Stuff Either)

I've fallen a bit off the radar, but intentionally...so that's ok, right?  Yesterday, we celebrated my daughter's fifth birthday and this past weekend had a party for her and her brother.  For whatever reason, I was starting to feel like there was a lot on my plate.  I had made enough deodorant so that if anyone happened to order some, it was ready to go, but I made a conscious decision to take a break until at least after the party (which has now passed) and possibly until the end of diving season which wraps up at the end of next week.  I had stumbled upon a website with information about starting a business.  While never my goal, it seems to be happening.  Listed first on the site was: Make a business plan.  That may be a wise course to take.  I feel I've already done things a bit unorthodox.  A little out of order, but that's ok.  I'm taking some time now to make a plan.  My next step is to apply to be a vendor at our local farmer's market in Hatboro through the month of August.  And that's about as far out as I have planned.  While it would be fun to see Barefoot Body in a store or being shipped all around the country, I'd really like to take it one step at a time, enjoy the process, and not stress.  In the "deodorant business", the concept of not sweating the small stuff takes on a whole new meaning!

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