Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm So Fancy

Last week, I was investigating PayPal.  I have had a personal Pay Pal account for a long time but I rarely use it.  This past spring, I helped to organize a fundraiser that benefitted two organizations but as the organizer, my personal PayPal account was linked to receive the proceeds directly.  And in order to get the money transferred, I had to do a few things.  First, I had to link a bank account.  But before doing so, I had to change the name on my PayPal account to my married name.  Should be easy, right?  Allegedly, PP could not read my faxed documentation so I uploaded the documents electronically instead.  That is all sorted out now but since I was already on the site, I registered a business account to Barefoot Body.  And created a fancy button with HTML code and added it to the right of what you are reading right now.  Unless you are in mobile view in which case you probably can't see it.  AND, I ordered and promptly received THIS.
So fancy!
This...well, that ^ is a PayPal Here.  It plugs into my phone and I have an app so that if someone wishes to pay by credit card at a farmer's market or craft fair, they CAN.  Can you even imagine?  Perhaps I've been living under a rock, but this kind of blows my mind.  A friend on Facebook who has CDs to sell posted about a Square and being able to accept credit card payment.  I downloaded that app but there wasn't room on my phone.  Perhaps I'll get one of those too.  Because these things are FREE.  Free, of course because they deduct fees, so I guess it all depends on how you look at the cost benefit analysis.  But free!  Anyone in the know about either or both of these, feel free to comment below.

A few things.  The button is a work in progress.  It has what is needed (I *think*) for an online deodorant purchase.  It does include $6.00 shipping, but as I have indicated, if I'm able to get cheaper shipping, I will refund the difference.  So, if you pay via PayPal, I *think* I can transfer money back to your PayPal account if needed.  But this is still a work in progress.  

Overall, the PayPal Here is a game changer!!  I rarely carry cash.  For others in the same boat, that is no longer a barrier.  Likewise, for friends who would prefer to use PayPal than a check or cash, that is now a viable option.  So Fancy.

When looking for a fancy swipey picture of PayPal Here in action, I found this (which shows both the PayPal Here and Square) and so I read the accompanying article to educate myself on the topic.

In more fancy news, apparently (from reading the Australian article) it is tomorrow in Australia...which will be today to those of you reading THIS post tomorrow.  When it posts.  Since I wrote it "yesterday", which is today.  Maybe that's not fancy.  Just confusing.  To clarify, I am writing this on July 15th.  The article linked above is dated July 16th.  But that might not seem fancy to you as this blog post will publish on the 16th.  In addition to being fancy, this technology is literally cutting edge.  I am ahead of my time.  Not living under a rock after all!

On a side note, I JUST now received an email from my personal PayPal account to my maiden name, so perhaps that is NOT all sorted out yet.  Grumble, grumble.

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