Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Packing on the Pounds

After filling some orders,

And running out of coconut oil,

I realized it was time to make some "bulkier" purchases.  The first time I ordered, I got a few tester/travel size containers, a much larger number of the "normal" size deodorant containers, 1 lb. of Arrowroot powder, 1 lb. of coconut oil, brown kraft labels (which were approximately 4x larger than I had thought...and I measured) and some new essential oil blends based on preferences indicated by testers.  Yesterday and today, I ordered more testers, bug spray containers to try that out, glass containers for those who might prefer deodorant in a more Eco-friendly container (more on that in a later post) 25 pounds of Arrowroot Powder,  40 pounds of coconut oil, and 50 pounds of baking soda, and more appropriately sized labels.  The Arrowroot powder arrived today.

If this is what 25 pounds looks like, I am frightened to learn what 50 pounds of baking soda looks like and the vat of coconut oil that is on its way...eek!  Should make a lot of deodorant!!

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