Tuesday, June 24, 2014

High Stakes Testing

As a teacher, high stakes testing is nothing new to me.  But the last few weeks around here have involved a different kind of testing.  When I first had this idea, I went to Facebook to see if (a) anyone was interested and (b) if I could coerce a few people to test it out for me and give me feedback.  As it turned out (a) yes, there was/is a lot of interest and (b) I had to sadly turn interested people away!  Who knew?!?  So, after establishing the first five testers, I made up batches in 2 different scents (as mutually decided by the testers) and both formula consistencies so that each person would have an opportunity to compare.  So far the feedback has been helpful in continuing to develop the beeswax formula and encouraging that users are finding that it works!  So far, so good.

One of the tester's hubs is a scientist and was/is interested in the formula.  And then he was interested in trying it himself.  Which sparked round two of testing.  Man funk.  And as it turns out, I know some funky men (this is meant in the most endearing way!).  I'm excited for the challenge of addressing both BO and also to see if there is an effect on sweat and irritation.  I didn't see all of this as a science experiment when I started out but that is certainly what it has become!

More on all my funky men (and women) and their experiences coming soon!

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