Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Buy Local

I am a big believer in supporting local small business, so I'm sort of geeking out that THIS could be a local small business.  And that there may be opportunities to help strengthen other local small businesses as a result.  Today, a friend who just yesterday got her own BFB deodorant to start using shared that it held up beautifully to chasing her son around the playground.  What a true testament!!  And that one share has had a ripple effect.  One friend of hers asked if BFB was available in stores or if she was hosting a home party?  Home party?  Stores?  Oh my.

While doing my research, I did visit two local small businesses that might be likely to carry a deodorant product such as this to see what was out there, what was in it, and how much it cost.  I can tell you this, the recipe was similar but not as...simple.  And what I have learned so far is that less really is more.  Especially when it comes to what you put on or in your body.  Also, both of the other products contained cornstarch instead of arrowroot powder (more on that distinction and why I think it's important in a future post).  While I was "researching" (you know...spying) in the second store, I was open with the shop owner about what I was doing and he was incredibly helpful and interested in hearing from me when it was ready to "go to market." just never know.  But, one thing at a time.  I am trying to keep this manageable and thus, relatively small.

Home parties are a definite possibility.  Anyone want to have one?  I could have a few of each available, or take orders, or bring supplies and make them there.

The next ripple from that same post was my very first order from someone I do not personally know. And who is not local.  Which is totally ok, awesome even, just totally unexpected!!  And then I had to figure out shipping!  On that note, I *think* though I plan to investigate further at the post office that flat rate shipping is approximately $6 and (according to my husband) will ship anywhere in the US if it fits in the envelope.  Seems like the way to go.  I am very reluctant to ship the bee free formula.  At least in the summer months.  I can only imagine someone opening up that envelope to find a puddle.  The beeswax formula *should* hold up to shipping.  We will find out soon enough!!

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