Sunday, January 18, 2015

Removing Coffee Scrub Stain From Carpet

This morning, I learned how to remove a coffee scrub stain from the carpet.

Step 1: Don't tell Jeff (especially as he is sleeping)
Step 2: Wet a cloth in warm water and blot/wet the area.  Don't rub (or scrub).
Step 3: Mix 1 Tbs. dish soap, 1 Tbs. vinegar and 2 C. warm water, wet a cloth in the solution and lay over the stain.  Take the back of a spoon and smooth over the cloth to press down into the stain.
Step 4: Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Step 5: Wet a cloth and blot the area again.
Step 6: Apply a dry cloth to soak in any moisture from the area.
Step 7: Put coffee scrub container in a plastic bag.
Step 8: Do NOT put gym bag on a carpeted area.
Step 9: Consider washing gym bag tonight.
Step 10: Go to the gym.

Part of the reason I haven't yet pursued scrubs is because of their oily leakiness.  The containers I put them in for gifts seemed to seep oil out onto the twine I wrapped around the lid and my personal pickle jar has (obviously) not proven much better.  If you have thoughts on a water (really oil) tight container, please share!  I'd like to offer these as I have been incredibly pleased with the results but I don't want to leave anyone with a mess to clean up.  Though if you find yourself in that position, see the steps above.

Here are 3 Reasons to Make Coffee a Part of Your Skincare Routine.  The recipe at the bottom isn't exactly what I used but as you can see it is super SIMPLE to make this yourself.  Give it a go!  I've found that washing my face with an oil based scrub doesn't leave my face oily.  As you might assume it would, right?  I've learned our bodies are defiant little buggers.  Whatever you want to take away, your body will just overproduce it right back.  A lot like a five year old.  So, take oil, for example.  When I wash my face with soap or astringent, my skin either ends up oily after a while or really dry.  What do you do when it's dry?  Apply moisturizer, which might leave you oily.  When I first made this scrub, I considered it for rough patches, heels, elbows, knees, etc.  But I didn't consider it for my face.  Only when people came back and told me how much they LOVED it for their face did I try it.  And then I researched oil based washing.  I was floored by what I learned!  When I wash with oil, my skin is no longer fighting with me.  I don't have to moisturize.  My skin is soft and smooth and lovely.  And the coffee makes for a natural exfoliating agent.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love the smell.  And coffee ice cream.  It's a great wake you up in the morning.  I've been alternating with a rosemary mint sugar scrub and the mint is also quite invigorating.  Do you use a scrub?  Share what your experience has been like!

Here's hoping you don't have any carpet stains this morning!!

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