Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bare Body and Belly Butter On Hold

I had read from another seller on Etsy that they don't ship Body Butter in the summer because it will melt.  Which makes sense.  Because it's butter.  But I didn't realize it was summer yet.  Here in Pennsylvania, this week, it has been!!  Last week, I attended a conference in Hershey and my luggage was in my car until it was time to check in.  Lo and behold, when I unpacked, my bare belly butter had melted.  It re-hardened fine, but I like everyone to know the perils.  Transparency is key.  In an effort for this, I am putting listings for Bare Body Butter, Bare Belly Butter, and Bare Baby Bum Butter on hold for the warm spring/summer months.  Look for it to return (better than before?) in the fall in plenty of time for gift giving and dry skin.  I am still happy to make it for those who want to give it a go, but with the knowledge and understanding that it may melt and may need to be refrigerated in the summer.  With that said, I now have both 2 and 4 oz. containers.  The 2 oz. size was selling at $5 so the 4 oz. will be $10.

Also (limited time only!) I have a re-use opportunity.  To make the different types of butter as well as lip balms, etc, I have ended up with 4 empty 7 oz. containers, so if anyone was hoping for MORE, this is an opportunity to get it at a discount.  7 oz. will be $15 in the re-purposed shea butter containers.  Email me at for any of your buttery goodness needs.  Below is a picture of the shea butter container.

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