Thursday, December 4, 2014

Everyone Poops

It's true,

And now, there is a spray for that!  Ever wish your poo didn't stink?  Or smelled citrus-y fresh?  Now it can!  Currently under the name BFB #2, you can prep your potty and leave the mystery behind.  As with just about everything else I have made so far, this was suggested by a BFB Facebook community member.  As she said, "It's all about less stink!"  I had some ingredients on hand and was able to pick up the rest while grocery shopping on Sunday evening.  I mixed it Sunday night and went to bed.  Eating a mostly vegetarian, high fiber diet, I had the opportunity to personally test this product the next morning (and each morning since!) and it works like a charm.  Based on the Facebook discussion, I had six willing volunteers before lunchtime, mixed more on Tuesday and got it to some of them on Wednesday morning.  So far, feedback is good and I feel confident enough to add this one to our PayPal button and Etsy Page (what's that?  You didn't know we had n Etsy page?  Well, get excited because that hit the inter-webs yesterday too!). Pricing will be the same as other prays so if you get to PayPal before I do, you can order the same size as hairspray and write a note that you would *actually* like BFB #2.  I have two friends who had told me about a product called "Poo-pouri" in the past.  Seemed a little silly to me.  Unnecessary, what's the big deal?  It's just poop. But NOW I'm a believer!  And based on feedback so far, many of you see a NEED for this in your bathroom at home or work.  Better yet, it is hitting the virtual shelves in time for a little holiday shopping and who wouldn't appreciate some BFB #2 in their stocking?  Speaking of "Poo-pouri," have you seen this commercial?  Awesome.  But expensive.  In keeping in line with the pricing of all our sprays, a 4 oz. bottle will be $10 and a 2 oz. bottle will be $5.  Compare that to $9.99 for a 2 oz. bottle of theirs.  That's right.  We are HALF the cost!  I am experimenting to see if I can make a fragrance free version for those sensitive to scent.  I have a theory but I haven't tried it yet.  Perhaps it could be called Silent But Not Deadly.  As with other products, these bottles will also be eligible for a refill discount.  More coming soon on a naming contest for this bad boy and results ARE coming soon from our last naming contest.  As always, if you have any questions about what might work best for you, you can always email: .

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